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Gets the registered script objects. This is a dictionary as the string is the alias which users reference your object with. For example, if you add the object "MyClass", and you make the alias "myClass", then users will use your type in script with: myClass.SomeMethod(); The instantiated class will be available for any script in the dashboard, so long as your control is on present on the dashboard.

Namespace: Dundas.Dashboard.DashboardControls.Extensibility
Assembly: Dundas.Dashboard.Client (in Dundas.Dashboard.Client.dll) Version: (


public virtual Dictionary<string, Object> GetRegisteredScriptObjects()
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Function GetRegisteredScriptObjects As Dictionary(Of String, Object)

Return Value

Type: Dictionary<(Of <(<'String, Object>)>)>
The registered script objects for this wrapper.


Only one alias can exist in the script engine. If there are any duplicates, only the last added will be used during execution.

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