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Gets the wrapper type used to wrap a visual element of the specified type, where it is a child in the visual tree of [P:VisualElement].

Namespace: Dundas.Dashboard.DashboardControls.Extensibility
Assembly: Dundas.Dashboard.Client (in Dundas.Dashboard.Client.dll) Version: (


public virtual Type GetElementWrapperType(
	Type elementType
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Function GetElementWrapperType ( 
	elementType As Type
) As Type


Type: System..::..Type
The type of the visual element.

Return Value

Type: Type
A type derived from DashboardObject; or nullNothingnullptra null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if none or not supported.


This method can be used for a parent control to specify the target type for DashboardObjectConverter for a sub-element of this instance to allow wrappers to be generated dynamically on-demand.

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