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Public classAccessRights
The access rights of a specific FileSystemEntry.
Public classAccount
A Dundas.Dashboard account.
Public classAccountInfo
Summary information a Account.
Public classConfigurationKeyManager
The class used to manipulated the configuration keys in the database.
Public classGroup
A named collection of Dundas.Dashboard Accounts and Groups.
Public classGroupInfo
Summary information a Group.
Public classLocalUserAccount
A local user permitted to log on to the application.
Public classLocalUserAccountInfo
Summary information a LocalUserAccount.
Public classPrivilegeAssignee
Information about an entity to which a business object specific Privilege is granted or denied.
Public classPrivilegeAssignment
Specifies the entities to which a Privilege is granted and denied.
Public classWindowsGroupAccount
A Windows group permitted to login to the application.
Public classWindowsGroupAccountInfo
Summary information a WindowsGroupAccount.
Public classWindowsUserAccount
A Windows user permitted to login to the application.
Public classWindowsUserAccountInfo
Summary information a WindowsUserAccount.