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Public classAggregator
Represents a valid aggregate function.
Public classAggregatorCollection
An observable collection of Aggregator objects.
Public classBusinessObjectBase
Base class for business objects.
Public classBusinessObjectBase<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Base class for business objects.
Public classCheckable
The base class to any checkable container.
Public classCodePageInfo
Represents encodings on client side.
Public classColumnDef
Represents a column definition used by "simple" providers.
Public classColumnDefCollection
A collection of ColumnDef objects.
Public classDashBlockDescriptor
The descriptor for a DashBlock.
Public classDashboardAnalyticalDataDescriptor
Provides information about which cube is attached to a dashboard analytical control.
Public classDashboardContent
The object for the content of the actual dashboard, which is displayed/serialized for the designer and viewer.
Public classDashboardData
Base class for business objects feeding data to visualization components.
Public classDashboardDataColumn
The base class for all dashboard columns of the business objects.
Public classDashboardDataDescriptor
The base class for any data descriptor for the dashboard.
Public classDashboardDataSetDescriptor
A description of a dataset used within a dashboard and which visual object it applies to.
Public classDashboardDefinition
The object representation of a dashboard definition.
Public classDashboardDynamicStructureDescriptor
A description of a dynamic structure used within a dashboard and which visual object it applies to.
Public classDashboardElementsEventArgs
User as arguments for events that sends collection of DashboardElement objects.
Public classDashboardExportPlugin
The export plugin representation on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardFilterValueData
Represents specific filter values that is saved for a dashboard parameter.
Public classDashboardFilterValueDataExtensions
Extension methods for the DashboardFilterValueData.
Public classDashboardHorizontalGuideline
Represents a horizontal guideline on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardKpiDescriptor
A description of a KPI used within a dashboard and which visual object it applies to.
Public classDashboardMemberValueData
Represents a member defined for a specific filter value that is saved for a dashboard parameter.
Public classDashboardParameter
A dashboard parameter definition.
Public classDashboardParameterAnalyticalDescriptorLink
Provides a way for a parameter to reference an AnalyticalDataDescriptor and a specified filter within its ParameterMetaData.
Public classDashboardParameterChangedEventArgs
The arguments for a dashboard parameter changed event from a dashboard.
Public classDashboardParameterChangingEventArgs
The arguments for a dashboard parameter changing event from a dashboard.
Public classDashboardParameterDataDescriptorLink
Provides a way for a parameter to reference a DataDescriptor and a specified filter within the data object.
Public classDashboardParameterDataSetDescriptorLink
Provides a way for a parameter to reference a DataSetDescriptor and a specified filter within the DataSet.
Public classDashboardParameterDynamicStructureDescriptorLink
Provides a way for a parameter to reference an DynamicStructureDescriptor and a specified formula parameter.
Public classDashboardParameterKpiDescriptorLink
Provides a way for a parameter to reference a KpiDescriptor and a specified filter within the KPI.
Public classDashboardParameterPropertyLink
The base class for any object which links a parameter to a property on some object.
Public classDashboardReportInfo
Individual dashboard settings in a scheduled report.
Public classDashboardVerticalGuideline
Represents a vertical guideline on a dashboard.
Public classDatabaseType
Database type definition.
Public classDataErrorInfo
Represents errors associated with a specific data object (KPI or Dataset).
Public classDataException
The data contract representing an exception.
Public classDataPoint
Public classDataPointCollection
A collection for data points. This is to help bulk adding data points and not re-drawing after every one.
Public classDataResult
Public classDataResultCollection
An observable collection of DataResult objects.
Public classDataRetrieval
Represents the data retrieval and processing engine. It uses the singleton pattern.
Public classDataSet
Client dataset business object.
Public classDataSourceInfo
Represents registration information for a data source.
Public classDimensionAttributeCollection
A list of dimension attributes in a DimensionElement.
Public classDimensionElementCollection
A list of dimension elements in a Dimension.
Public classDimensionFilterValue
External filter value.
Public classDimensionHierarchyCollection
A list of hierarchies in a Dimension.
Public classDimensionHierarchyHelper
Helper class for working with hierarchies.
Public classDimensionLevelHierarchy
Dimension hierarchy defined by relationships between levels.
Public classDimensionParentChildHierarchy
Dimension hierarchy defined by parent-child relationships between the members.
Public classDuplicateProjectResult
The result of duplicating a project.
Public classDynamicStructure
Client Dynamic Structure business object.
Public classDynamicStructureInput
The class is used to fully describe a single data input for the selected formula.
Public classFilter
Represents a filter object associated with a virtual structure / KPI object. Filters are used in the query statements of the associated objects. If the filter is exposed (visible) to higher level container objects, then it is represented in the query by a QueryTokenData class. If the filter is not exposed, then the default values are fully resolved in the query. Restrictions are analysed before the query is run.
Public classFilterClient
Represents a dashboard viewer filter.
Public classFormulaInfo
Public classHierarchyLevelCollection
A list of hierarchy levels in a DimensionHierarchy.
Public classInteraction
An interaction on a dashboard.
Public classInteractionCollection
A collection of interactions on a dashboard. This is most commonly used for any interaction, as an interaction can have multiple scripts attached.
Public classInteractionCommand
The class used to encapsulate an interaction which is run as a command. This is used for context menu items.
Public classInteractionCommandCollection
A collection of interaction commands on a dashboard.
Public classInteractionErrorEventArgs
The event args that go along when an interaction scripted event throws an error.
Public classInteractionInfo
A class representing an interaction, as well as some metadata about the interaction which allows you to display additional information about the interaction (such as the name of the parent collection or parent object - e.g. Chart1.ClickInteractions.Interaction(1)).
Public classInvalidNativeStructureException
The exception that is thrown when a the user tries to view a virtual table based on an invalid/missing native structure.
Public classKpi
Client KPI business object.
Public classLookupHierarchy
A "fake" hierarchy used to display lookup filters in a hierarchy control.
Public classLookupHierarchyLevel
A level (there's only one) of the "fake" hierarchy used to display lookup filters in a hierarchy control.
Public classMashupContent
The object representing the contents of a mashup.
Public classMashupDefinition
The object representation of a mashup.
Public classNativeColumn
Native (physical) column definition.
Public classNativeParameter
Native parameter definition.
Public classNativeRelationship
Represents a foreign key definition.
Public classNativeStructure
Represents a native (physical) data structure, such as table or view.
Public classNativeStructureCollection
A list of NativeStructure objects.
Public classNativeStructureInfo
Represents a light-weight object describing a native data structure.
Public classNativeStructureInfoCollection
An observable collection of NativeStructureInfo objects.
Public classNativeStructureInfoResult
A partial list of light-weight objects describing native data structures.
Public classNotification
Notification definition.
Public classNotificationCondition
This class supports the application infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classNotificationConditions
Public classNotificationDelivery
Represents the delivery properties for a defined notification.
Public classOlapAxisProtection
Axis protection.
Public classOlapDataProviderInfo
OlapDataProvider info
Public classOlapReportProtection
Report protection class.
Public classPaletteBrush
Represents a palette brush.
Public classPaletteResourceContent
Describes a palette associated with a ThemeResource.
Public classParameterHierarchyHelper
Contains methods and properties used by both HierarchyViewer and CascadingHierarchyControl.
Public classParameterToken
Parameter named token definition.
Public classParameterTokenConverter
Public classProject
A lightweight object that describes the contents of a Dundas.Dashboard project.
Public classQueryElement
Notification definition.
Public classRelationalDataProvider
Relational data provider information.
Public classReportInfo
Scheduled report settings.
Public classScheduledReport
Scheduled report definition.
Public classScriptParameter
Class used to model a parameter used by the Dundas scripting engine.
Public classSimpleDataProvider
"Simple" data provider methods.
Public classStackedResult
Class used to represent the content of a dimension splitter result.
Public classStyleResourceInfo
Information about a StyleResource.
Public classTableDef
Represents a table definition used by "simple" providers.
Public classThemeResourceContent
The content of a ThemeResource.
Public classThemeStyle
Represents a theme named style.
Public classTimeDimensionDataConnector
Information related to usage of the time dimension by a data connector.
Public classTimeDimensionDefinition
A definition for a time dimension.
Public classTimeDimensionElement
Element of a time dimension.
Public classTimeDimensionHierarchy
Time dimension hierarchy.
Public classTimeDimensionHierarchyLevel
A definition of one level within a TimeDimensionHierarchy.
Public classTokenDescriptorCollection
Observable collection of parameter named tokens.
Public classTokenDescriptorCollectionConverter
Public classTokenDescriptorConverter
Converter class for the TokenDescriptor.


Public structureStyleResourceKey
Describes how a StyleResource should be resolved.
Public structureThemeResourceKey
Describes how a ThemeResource should be resolved.
Public structureTokenDescriptor
Class that uniquely identifies a parameter named token.


Public interfaceIInteractionCollection
Collection of Interaction ot InteractionCommand objects.


Public delegateOnDesignerObjectsRetrieved
Represents a method that will handle completion of an asynchronous method with multiple results to return, used for retrieving designer objects.
Public delegateOnVirtualStructureDesignerObjectsRetrieved
Represents a method that will handle completion of an asynchronous method with multiple results to return, used for retrieving the virtual structure designer objects.
Public delegateParameterHierarchyHelper..::..LoadSelectedMembersCallback


Public enumerationAnnotationSetScopeType
Enumeration determines the scope of annotation set.
Public enumerationColumnAggregatorType
Enum used in determining the type of supported aggregator used in defining script expressions.
Public enumerationDashboardParameterRenderType Obsolete.
The type of control the parameter should render (visually) as.
Public enumerationDashboardParameterSelectType Obsolete.
The way the user can select a value in the parameter visual representation.
Public enumerationDashboardResizeMode
The mode that this dashboard should use to re-size.
Public enumerationInteractionType
The possible types of an interaction.
Public enumerationNotificationConditionType
Notification state condition type.
Public enumerationParameterTokenType
Represents parameter named token type.
Public enumerationReportFormat
The report formats.
Public enumerationSuppressionFrequencyType
Notification suppression frequency type.
Public enumerationTokenCustomType
Type of custom named token.
Public enumerationUserBasedFilter
Type of the user-based filter.