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Public classAnnotationGroupSelectorContext..::..AnnotationGroupNode
Public classAnnotationGroupSelectorContext..::..DataDescriptorNode
Public classAnnotationGroupSelectorContext..::..ExplorerTextNode
Public classAnnotationListSource
The base class for an annotation list source.
Public classAnnotationListViewModel..::..AnnotationSeries
Represents an item in the series selector.
Public classCascadePanel
A panel that behaves similarly to WrapPanel but: - makes column widths and row heights consistent (i.e. all elements in column x have the same width) - observes FlowDirection
Public classClipBorder
A border that provides a ClipToBounds property so that the content does not overlap or extend beyond the border.
Public classDataDescriptorPointSubset
An object which describes one or more DashboardDataDescriptor objects, and a subset of points for each one.
Public classDdButton
Dundas Dashboard style-aware Button control.
Public classDdCalendar
Dundas Dashboard style-aware Calendar control.
Public classDdCheckBox
Dundas Dashboard style-aware CheckBox control.
Public classDdComboBox
Dundas Dashboard style-aware ComboBox control.
Public classDdDataGrid
Dundas Dashboard style-aware DataGrid control.
Public classDdDatePicker
Dundas Dashboard style-aware DatePicker control.
Public classDdHyperlinkButton
Dundas Dashboard style-aware HyperlinkButton control.
Public classDdListBox
Dundas Dashboard style-aware ListBox control.
Public classDdRadioButton
Dundas Dashboard style-aware RadioButton control.
Public classDdSlider
Dundas Dashboard style-aware Slider control.
Public classDdTextBlock
Represents a text block with enhanced functionality.
Public classDdTextBox
Dundas Dashboard style-aware TextBox control.
Public classDdToggleButton
Dundas Dashboard style-aware ToggleButton control.
Public classDialog
A dialog box that supports user resizing through the mouse and movement by dragging the dialog header.
Public classDialogClosedEventArgs
Information provided to subscribers of the Closed event.
Public classDialogClosingEventArgs
Provides data for the Closing event of a Dundas Dashboard Dialog control.
Public classEnhancedViewer
The enhanced viewer control provides the viewer with a more rich experience and includes other controls within it.
Public classEnhancedViewerContentItem
Represents a content item for the enhanced viewer.
Public classEnhancedViewerContentManager
The enhanced viewer content manager.
Public classEnhancedViewerContentPane
A content pane for the enhanced viewer.
Public classEnhancedViewerLayoutPanel
A panel that lays out its items using the Sandy algorithm.
Public classExplorerBase
Base class for explorer controls.
Public classExplorerListBox
ListBox to be used in the virtualizing explorer.
Public classExplorerListBoxItem
ListBoxItem for the ExplorerListBox.
Public classExplorerNodeCheckBoxVisibilityConverter
Converter for the explorer node check box visibility.
Public classExplorerNodeExpanderVisibilityConverter
Converter for the explorer node expander visibility.
Public classExplorerNodeFlattener
Class to transform the hierarchical structure of explorer nodes into a flat list of explorer nodes to be bound to the explorer list box as it supports virtualization.
Public classExplorerNodeIndentConverter
Converter for the explorer node indent.
Public classExplorerNodeOpacityConverter
Converter for the explorer node opacity based on the enabled state.
Public classFilterTextBox
Public classFolderExplorerNode
A node for one Folder.
Public classListEditor
A custom editor for text values.
Public classManualAnnotationListSource
Describes a source of annotations which is manually populated.
Public classMessageBox
Simple application modal MessageBox for displaying alerts. Four icons are supported, along with several button options.
Public classMultiplePointAnnotationListSource
Describes a source of annotations spanning multiple data points across multiple data descriptors.
Public classNamedTokenEventArgs
The Event Arguments for the NamedToken change event.
Public classSinglePointAnnotationListSource
Describes a source of annotations from a single data point.
Public classViewer
The dashboard viewer control. This shows a dashboard.
Public classViewerBreadcrumbControl
Control which displays a breadcrumb.
Public classViewerDashBlockLoadedEventArgs
The event args used for indicating a contained dashblock viewer has finished loading.
Public classViewerErrorEventArgs
The event args used for when the viewer has an error.
Public classViewerMessageEventArgs
The event args used for when the viewer has a message to show.
Public classViewerNavigationControl
A navigation control for the enhanced viewer.
Public classViewerSource
The class used to specify what the source is for the enhanced viewer.
Public classViewerTreeControl
The viewer's tree control.
Public classWizard
The wizard is a control which provides the basics for creating a wizard.
Public classWizardEventArgs
The event arguments object for a Wizard Event.
Public classWizardPage
A wizard page is one page within a wizard.
Public classWizardView
Represents a view for a Wizard.


Public interfaceIHierarchyControl
Interface that specifies features common to all Hierarchy controls.
Public interfaceISupportCustomizeTokens
Contract for controls that support tokens customization.
Public interfaceIToolboxItem
Provides interfave common for all different types of toolbox items.
Public interfaceIViewerNavigationItem
Represents a navigation item in the enhanced viewer.


Public delegateMessageBoxResultCallback
Declares the callback the message box will use once it's closed to report the user's action (i.e. clicked on 'Yes', 'Cancel', etc.).
Public delegateOnControlCreateCompleted
Fires when the visual control has been created.


Public enumerationDateTimePickerCalendarStyle
Calendar icon styles for date time picker parameter controls.
Public enumerationDialogResult
The values the dialog box can return after being displayed.
Public enumerationFocusSource
Specifies the method by which focus was received.
Public enumerationMessageBoxButtons
The available array of buttons the MessageBox can display.
Public enumerationMessageBoxDefaultButton
The default button to have selected when the MessageBox opens.
Public enumerationMessageBoxIcon
The types of icons the MessageBox can display.
Public enumerationViewerContentItemType
Allows the object ID class to allow specification of type along with ID.
Public enumerationViewerLinkUriBaseMode
Specifies the behavior of the viewer when generating link uris.