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Public classAnalyticalAxisEventArgs
Public classAnalyticalCell
Class represents an OLAP cell.
Public classAnalyticalCellSet
AnalyticalDashboardCellSet class.
Public classAnalyticalCellSetChangedEventArgs
AnalyticalDashboardDataChanged event args.
Public classAnalyticalCellSetChangingEventArgs
Data changing event args.
Public classAnalyticalChartBookmark
AnalyticalChart Bookmark.
Public classAnalyticalChartFormulaInfo
Formula info for visualization controls.
Public classAnalyticalComboBookmark
AnalyticalCombo Bookmark.
Public classAnalyticalControlEventArgs
Analytical Control event args.
Public classAnalyticalCubeTreeEventArgs
Cube tree event args.
Public classAnalyticalDashboardHelper
Analytical dashboard helper class.
Public classAnalyticalDashboardHelper..::..FakeDimension
The fake dimension class.
Public classAnalyticalDataParameters
The class that encapsulates the parameters passed to the AnalyticalDataAdded and AnalyticalDataChanged methods of the DashboardAnalyticalControl.
Public classAnalyticalDescriptor<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Olap metadata descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalDescriptorCollection
Olap Descriptor collection.
Public classAnalyticalDimension
Public classAnalyticalDimensionDescriptor
AnalyticalDimensionDescriptor class.
Public classAnalyticalDimensionDescriptorCollection
Olap Descriptor collection.
Public classAnalyticalDimensionLoadedEventArgs
AnalyticalDimensionLoaded event arg
Public classAnalyticalDragDropEventArgs
Drag drop event.
Public classAnalyticalFilteringDescriptor
AnalyticalDashboardFilteringDescriptor class.
Public classAnalyticalFormulaInfo
Formula info for visualization controls.
Public classAnalyticalFunctionDescriptor
Function descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalFunctionDescriptorCollection
AnalyticalDashboardFunctionDescriptorCollection class.
Public classAnalyticalHierarchiesLoadedEventArgs
Analytical hierarchy loaded.
Public classAnalyticalHierarchy
Public classAnalyticalInnerControlEventArgs
AnalyticalInnerControlEventArgs class.
Public classAnalyticalKPI
Olap KPI.
Public classAnalyticalLevel
Public classAnalyticalLevelsLoadedEventArgs
Level loaded event args.
Public classAnalyticalMeasure
Olap Measure.
Public classAnalyticalMeasureDescriptor
Analytical measure descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalMember
Represents an OLAP member object.
Public classAnalyticalMemberDescriptor
Analytical dimension descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalMemberDescriptorCollection
Olap Member Descriptor collection.
Public classAnalyticalMemberRangeDescriptor
Members range descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalMembersLoadedEventArgs
Members loaded event args.
Public classAnalyticalMetadataLoadedBaseEventArgs
Metadata loaded event arg base class.
Public classAnalyticalMetadataLoadedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TCollection, TObject>)>)>
Metadata loaded event arg
Public classAnalyticalMetadataObject
Public classAnalyticalMetadataObjectLoadedEventArgs
Public classAnalyticalMouseEventArgs
AnalyticalDashboardMouseEventArgs class.
Public classAnalyticalNamedSet
The named set.
Public classAnalyticalObjectEventArgs
AnalyticalDashboardObjectEventArgs class.
Public classAnalyticalOlapCellEventArgs
Cell event args.
Public classAnalyticalOlapHeaderInfo
Cell event args.
Public classAnalyticalPagingInfo
Paging info.
Public classAnalyticalReport
Class that represents the dashboard report.
Public classAnalyticalReportCustomization
Analythical report customization.
Public classAnalyticalReportInfo
Virtual cube.
Public classAnalyticalSortingDescriptor
AnalyticalDashboardSortingDescriptor class.
Public classAnalyticalTopBottomDescriptor
TopBottom descriptor.
Public classAnalyticalTuple
Represents an OLAP tuple object.
Public classAnalyticalVisualizerMapping
The analytical visualizer mapping.
Public classAnnotationIndicatorHotspotBehavior
A behavior which can be attached to visual elements which allows them to be used as annotation indicator hotspots.
Public classBooleanProperty
Represents a visual property whose underlying value is a Boolean.
Public classBrushProperty
Represents a visual property whose underlying value is a DashboardBrush.
Public classChoiceProperty
Represents a visual property whose underlying value is a string from a predefined list.
Public classControlCollectionItem
Used for the type of properties of a dashboard control that display a dropdown of objects.
Public classDashboardAnalyticalControl
The base class for any analytical control which is to appear on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardAnalyticalDataControl
The base class for any analytical control which is data related.
Public classDashboardAnnotationSelectionChangedEventArgs
The event args used for a wrapper to signal that the selected items for annotation have changed.
Public classDashboardBackEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardBlurEffect
The class used to implement a dashboard blur effect.
Public classDashboardBounceEase
The class used to implement a dashboard bounce ease.
Public classDashboardBrush
Represents a serializable brush object.
Public classDashboardBrushConverter
The converter to convert from DashboardBrush to System.Windows.Media.Brush (all types).
Public classDashboardBrushFactory
Creates instances of series of type DashboardBrush or derived types.
Public classDashboardCircleEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardControl
The base class for any control which is to appear on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardCubicEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardCursorConverter
The converter for cursors.
Public classDashboardDataPointSelectedEventArgs
The arguments for a dashboard data point selection from a dashboard control.
Public classDashboardDataVisualizationControl
The base class for any data visualization control which is to appear on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardDropShadowEffect
The class used to implement a dashboard drop shadow effect.
Public classDashboardDurationConverter
Converts DashboardDuration objects to and from other types.
Public classDashboardEasingFunction
The class used to implement a dashboard effect.
Public classDashboardEasingFunctionConverter
The converter to convert from DashboardEasingFunction to System.Windows.Media.Animation.IEasingFunction (all types).
Public classDashboardEffect
The class used to implement a dashboard effect.
Public classDashboardEffectConverter
The converter to convert from DashboardEffect to System.Windows.Media.Effect (all types).
Public classDashboardElasticEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardElement
The base class for any element which is to appear on a dashboard.
Public classDashboardElementEventArgs
This is the standard event args passed to most interaction / wrapper interaction events and overrides. The handled property allows wrappers to stop the interactions from automatically firing.
Public classDashboardEventArgs
This is the base for all event args passed on to an interaction.
Public classDashboardExponentialEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardGradientBrush
Represents a serializable gradient brush object.
Public classDashboardGradientStop
Represents a serializable gradient stop object.
Public classDashboardGradientStopCollection
The collection object for a collection of dashboard gradient stop objects.
Public classDashboardImageBrush
Represents a brush for images.
Public classDashboardInvalidateAnalyticalDataEventArgs
The arguments for the invalidation of an analtyical data result of an analtyical data control.
Public classDashboardInvalidateDataResultEventArgs
The arguments for the invalidation of a data result of a data visualization control.
Public classDashboardLinearGradientBrush
Represents a brush for linear gradient fills.
Public classDashboardMouseEventArgs
The arguments for a dashboard mouse event from a dashboard control.
Public classDashboardObject
The underlying dashboard object behind all dashboard items.
Public classDashboardObjectConverter
The converter to convert from DashboardObject to DependencyObject.
Public classDashboardObjectCreateOptions
The options class used to specify options for constructing a new DashboardObject or derived class.
Public classDashboardObjectFactoryAttribute
Attribute to mark a class that should not be instantiated by the DashboardObjectConverter. The specified factory type should be used instead. In some cases the DashboardObjectConverter creates instances of wrappers when an existing one cannot be retrieved. This attribute provides additional information so that the converter can create an instant of the correct type. This is especially useful when the target type of the DashboardObjectConverter is an abstract class. By attributing that abstract class with the DashboardObjectFactoryAttribute it is possible to create the wrapper instance.
Public classDashboardOnlyAttribute
Any class marked with this attribute will only be displayed on Dashboard, not DashBlocks.
Public classDashboardParameterControl
The base class for any wrapper which provides the visualization for a parameter.
Public classDashboardPowerEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardPropertyChangedEventArgs
The arguments for a dashboard interaction value changed event on a control. This might happen with the selection changes on a drop down list, for example.
Public classDashboardQuadraticEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardQuarticEase
The class used to implement a dashboard bounce ease.
Public classDashboardQuinticEase
The class used to implement a dashboard bounce ease.
Public classDashboardRadialGradientBrush
Represents a brush for radial gradient fills.
Public classDashboardRefreshEventArgs
The event args used for a wrapper to signal that a refresh has occurred for data.
Public classDashboardSineEase
The class used to implement a dashboard power ease.
Public classDashboardSolidColorBrush
Represents a brush for solid fills.
Public classDashboardStyle
Defines the style and appearance characteristics of an IDashboardObject.
Public classDashboardStyleProperty
Describes the property value of an IDashboardObject property.
Public classDashboardStylePropertyCollection
A collection of DashboardStyleProperty items.
Public classDashboardTextDecorationsExtensions
Extension methods for text decorations.
Public classDashboardToken
A token is a link between a KPI and some series on a visual object.
Public classDashboardTokenParameterControl
Class to encapsulate standard behavior of parameter controls that support tokens.
Public classDashboardValueSource
Provides the information needed to resolve a property value.
Public classDataVisualizationColumnSupport
The class used to specify what kind of support a data visualization control offers for columns within a kpi or dataset.
Public classDataVisualizationDataParameters
The class that encapsulates the parameters passed to the DashboardDataAdded and DashboardDataChanged methods of the DataVisualizationControl.
Public classDescriptorVisualizerInfo
General implementation of IDescriptorVisualizerInfo.
Public classDrillDownScriptKeyword
A name-values pair, where the name will appear as an Input Source in the Interaction Wizards, and the values are the script snippets to use to access the named input for building a ParameterInfo or URL parameter.
Public classFontFamilyConverter
The converter for font family.
Public classFontStretchConverter
The converter for font stretch.
Public classFontStyleConverter
The converter for font style.
Public classFontWeightConverter
The converter for font weight.
Public classImageUrlConverter
The converter for font weight.
Public classInheritanceProperty
Represents a property which participates in value inheritance.
Public classMapResourceDescriptor
Describes a map resource. This is used to pass information between the map browser (for selecting resources) and the map resources wizard.
Public classMessageHelper
Helper methods which plugins can use to report error messages.
Public classMetadataLoadedEventArg
Metadata loaded event args.
Public classNumericProperty
Represents a visual property whose underlying value is a number.
Public classPropertyChoice
Represents an allowed choice for a ChoiceProperty.
Public classSortFilterStrings
Sort filter control strings.
Public classStringProperty
Represents a visual property whose underlying value is a String.
Public classTextAlignmentConverter
The converter for text alignment.
Public classVisualProperty
Represents a property of a dashboard control which can be set by an end-user.


Public structureDashboardDuration
Represents the duration of time that a Timeline is active.


Public interfaceIAnalyticalControl
AnalyticalVisualizationControl interface
Public interfaceIAnalyticalDataControl
Interface for analytcial data controls
Public interfaceIAnalyticalDescriptor
AnalyticalDescriptor interface.
Public interfaceIAnalyticalExportSupport
An interface for analytical controls that support export.
Public interfaceIAnalyticalReportsCustomizable
IAnalyticalReportsCustomizable interface.
Public interfaceIAnalyticalVisualizationControl
AnalyticalVisualizationControl interface
Public interfaceIAnnotate
The class that a wrapper has to implement if it supports user created annotations.
Public interfaceIDashBlockViewer
The interface used to define that a wrapper is a dashblock viewer. This is to allow extra features, such as export and annotate on this control.
Public interfaceIDashboardDataVisualizationObject
Allows a sub-element of a DashboardDataVisualizationControl to specify what subset of the parent control is represented by the object.
Public interfaceIDashboardLegend
The interface for a wrapper that can act as a legend.
Public interfaceIDashboardMapControl
An interface for the map source wizard. Allows Client.Application to pass information to the map control wrapper about which resources to load.
Public interfaceIDashboardObjectFactory
Contract that marks a class as being able to construct dashboard objects (wrappers) based on an instance of the wrapped object. Used primarily by the DashboardObjectConverter.
Public interfaceIDashboardValueModifier
Provides the extension for a dashbord property value to be modified at run-time.
Public interfaceIDateParameter
Interface for a date/time control wrapper that supports the Granularity property.
Public interfaceIDescriptorVisualizerInfo
Represents a way to visualize a DashboardDataDescriptor (e.g. "Line Chart", "Point Chart").
Public interfaceIDrillDownSource
Allows wrappers to customize the DundasScript code generated by the Drill-Down Setup Wizard.
Public interfaceIExternalDataSupport
The interface to be used when a wrapper spawns its own async calls. In this case, it must have a way to notify the viewer that it has completely loaded at some point.
Public interfaceIGeneratedInteractionSource
Allows wrappers to customize the Drill-Down and Hover-Over wizards.
Public interfaceIHoverSource
Allows wrappers to customize the DundasScript code generated by the Hover Setup Wizard.
Public interfaceILegendSupport
The interface used by a wrapper to indicate it supports a legend.
Public interfaceIMouseEventArgs
The interface used to define our event arguments which support mouse events.
Public interfaceIParameterHierarchyControl
An interface that allows the Edit Full Dimension drop wizard to treat HierarchyViewers and CascadingHierarchyControls alike, where possible.
Public interfaceIParameterHierarchyControlMultiSelect
An interface that allows HierarchyViewers and CascadingHierarchyControls to UpdateFilter alike, where possible.
Public interfaceIParameterInstantStringControl
Interface shared by string multiple selection controls (dropdown, checkbox list).
Public interfaceIRuntimeAnalyticalCommandProvider
Analytical command provider interface


Public delegateDashboardMouseEventArgs..::..SetupMouseEventArgs
The definition for the SetupMouseEventArgs event.


Public enumerationAnalyticalAxisType
Axis type enum.
Public enumerationAnalyticalControlChangeType
AnalyticalDashboardControlChangeType enum
Public enumerationAnalyticalLevelType
Level type.
Public enumerationAnalyticalMemberType
Member type.
Public enumerationAnalyticalMetadataLoadedResultType
Result type for metadata loaded events.
Public enumerationAnalyticalObjectType
Analytical object type.
Public enumerationAnalyticalReportChangeType
Report change type.
Public enumerationDashboardAnnotationListDataSetting
The enumeration for the AnnotationSetting property of Control.
Public enumerationDashboardControlPositionType
The enumeration for the position type of a dashboard control.
Public enumerationDashboardCursor
The enumeration for the Cursors property of element.
Public enumerationDashboardFontFamily
The enumeration for the FontFamily property of Control.
Public enumerationDashboardFontStretch
The enumeration for the FontStretch property of Control.
Public enumerationDashboardFontStyle
The enumeration for the FontStyle property of Control.
Public enumerationDashboardFontWeight
The enumeration for the FontWeight property of Control.
Public enumerationDashboardTextAlignment
The enumeration for the TextAlignment property of an element.
Public enumerationDashboardTextDecorations
Enum for the text decorations. It should be kept in synck with DashboardTextDecorationsExtensions.
Public enumerationDashboardValueSourceType
Defines the value source type for resolving dashboard property values.
Public enumerationExportLegendPosition
The list of possible positions when exporting a Legend with a DV.
Public enumerationInitialPopupDialogPosition
A list of the available initial popup positions.
Public enumerationItemsPercentFlag
Top Bottom flags
Public enumerationSortFilterFlag
Filter flags
Public enumerationSortFlag
Sort flags
Public enumerationStandardPropertyEditor
A list of built-in editors for editing properties in the property grid.
Public enumerationTopBottomFlag
Top Bottom flags
Public enumerationVisualPropertyType
Supported types of visual properties which the user can set when adding a user-defined series.