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Gets or sets a value indicating whether text alignment should be determined automatically.

Namespace: Dundas.Dashboard.Controls
Assembly: Dundas.Dashboard.Client (in Dundas.Dashboard.Client.dll) Version: (


public bool IsAutoTextAlignmentEnabled { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Property IsAutoTextAlignmentEnabled As Boolean

Property Value

Type: Boolean
trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic) if text alignment should be determined automatically; otherwise, falseFalsefalsefalse (False in Visual Basic).


This property is ignored if [P:TextDirection] is not Auto. If enabled, this setting will cause the value of the [P:TextAlignment] property to be automatically determined based on the flow direction of the control and that of the text. If the inferred text direction is different from the flow direction of the control, the TextAlignment will be set to Right, so that it will appear nicer in the UI.

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