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The DashboardBounceEase type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBounces
Gets or sets the bounces.
Public propertyBounciness
Gets or sets the bounciness.
Public propertyDashboard
Gets or sets the dashboard that this object currently resides on. This is currently only set automatically on the top-most element (the toolbox item). Any sub elements will have a new DashboardContent set to it, which is not the desired one.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyDashboardStyle
Gets or sets the dashboard style.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyEasingMode
Gets or sets the easing mode.
(Inherited from DashboardEasingFunction.)
Public propertyHasDesignTimeLoaded
The component has been initialized for using in the designer.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyIsDesignTimeMode
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is in design time mode.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyIsInteractionsDisabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance has interactions disabled. If disabled, no interactions should be run. It is up to the wrapper to ensure that this is the case. This should only be set when everything should not run, including the context menu, as it will also not show up.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyIsPreviewMode
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is in preview mode.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyIsUserCreated
Gets a value indicating whether this object was created by a user. If this is trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic), then this object is not creating due to de-serialization, but instead due to construction by a user. This value will not be available until the OnGetVisualElement()()()() and OnGetDesignTimeVisualElement()()()() calls. Before that, it's not guaranteed this property represents the true state of this object.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)
Public propertyStyleResourceKey
Gets or sets the style key.
(Inherited from DashboardObject.)

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