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The type of control the parameter should render (visually) as.

Namespace: Dundas.Dashboard.Business
Assembly: Dundas.Dashboard.Client (in Dundas.Dashboard.Client.dll) Version: (


public enum DashboardParameterRenderType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration DashboardParameterRenderType


Member nameValueDescription
AxisDropDownList0 Axis drop down list (grain selector).
DateTimePicker1 Date time picker.
DropDownList2 A simple drop down list. This is used for non full dimensions which aren't date/time.
HierarchyViewer3 Hierarchy Viewer.
NumericUpDown4 A numeric up/down control. This is primarily used for measures.
CheckBox5 A checkbox control.
None6 This dashboard parameter is not rendered as anything. This is used when the parameter is only there to bring values into the dashboard.
CascadingHierarchyControl7 Cascading Hierarchy Control, an alternative visualization of the HierarchyViewer.

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